The Perfect and Proper Deals for the Football Team

Australian football is a team sport that can also be called footy. Two teams of eighteen players compete for the goal of scoring more goals than the opposing team. To do this, they must put one oval ball in the goal of the opponent. The team that scores the most goals wins the match.

This Australian sport is played on one oval or one cricket ground.

Especially practiced in Oceania, Australian football is also practiced in Europe, Asia and America.


Australian football dates back to 1857 when Tom Wills returned to Australia with the rugby rules he decided to adapt. At the base designed to keep the cricketers fit during the winter, Australian football will soon be successful and in 1861 the first official competition will be organized. For the hawks team official all these go perfectly now.

The First World War will have a big impact on Australian football because many players will die in action. In the eighties thanks to television broadcasts, the sport will experience new growth.

In 1990, the Australian Football League (AFL) was created, now numbering eighteen (18) teams and becoming the first Australian football organization in the world.

Formats and types of practice

Australian football is played on a cricket ground or on oval terrain. Teams consist of eighteen field players and four substitutes. The goals consist of four vertical posts approximately six meters high.

To score a goal, the player must hit the oval ball of the foot and pass it between the two (2) goal posts. The team that scores the most points wins the match. The ball must always be hit, whether by foot, fist or other body part.

An Australian football match is divided into four periods of twenty minutes. Teams change sides at each quarter and a break of about fifteen minutes takes place at half-time.

The major rules

The score

The goals consist of two goal posts approximately six meters high and two rear posts three (3) meters high, located at each end of the goal posts. To score, the ball must pass between the two (2) goal posts and the ball be kicked. One goal therefore earns six points to the team. However, if the ball passes between a goal post and a back post, the team only wins one point.


Australian football is played on one oval field, usually a cricket ground. The dimensions are between one hundred and thirty-five and one hundred and seventy-five meters long and approximately one hundred and fifty meters wide. In the center of the field is a square of fifty meters side with in its center a central circle of three meters in diameter. The perfect options are there and that also within the limits.

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